Our Philosophy

Litigation is a team effort. We want clients who will make good teammates, giving us relevant information in a useful form, providing the resources we need to carry on the effort, and making themselves available to us when we have questions or need them to sign documents or the like. We care what happens in your case–we want you to care, too.

Our firm returns well over 95% of phone calls within one business day. We explore every reasonable settlement option to provide our clients with as many alternatives as possible, especially where it may avoid long delays, significant expenses and other risks. We inform you of all settlement proposals and other options and counsel you in the making of critical decisions that are yours to make.

Although the firm may use the services of various attorneys and paralegals to provide you with solid and cost-effective representation, the firm’s founder, Will Murphy, will meet with you to ensure that any concerns you might have are addressed properly.

If your case is outside of our expertise, we will either associate with a firm that can supplement our knowledge and skills, or point you toward other firms that may be able to help you.